National Strategy  


The overall purpose of the project is to advocate and lobby especially among legislators and policy makers on the existing drafting laws and for the amendments particularly in the areas of expanded health warnings, restraints on advertising, bans on smoking in enclosed public spaces, passage, and enforcement of these drafting laws in consistent to the FCTC, and strengthens a sustainable tobacco control program in the Ministry of Public Health.


1. To reactivate the multi-sectoral steering committee to guide the national tobacco control program, for continues monitoring and sustainability of the project and outcome in the long term, chaired by the Ministry of Public Health, which include country stakeholders

2. To advocate and lobby for the amendment, passage, and enforcement of new tobacco control laws consistent to the FCTC.

3. To increase public awareness in promoting tobacco control policies with particular focus on harmful effects of SHS, economic benefits of the implementation of 100% smoke-free policy through a mass media campaign, advocacy workshops promoting tobacco control policies.

4. To evaluate and monitor the enforcement of tobacco control laws through measurement of air quality and provide judicial relief when violated, as carried out by the ministry of interior and Municipalities.

5. To counteract standard tobacco industry's arguments opposing the law (e.g., tobacco and health controversy, economic loss of hospitality venues, smoker's discrimination, sponsoring etc.)

6. To consolidate a credible NGOs networking (Capacity Building) as an important player in the development, implementation and monitoring of tobacco control measures.