Smoking in Pregnancy 


Smoking in pregnancy is a public health issue of significant magnitude in Lebanon.   A considerable number of pregnant women in Lebanon smoke during pregnancy, both cigarettes and waterpipe and have limited knowledge about tobacco harm effects and many misconceptions about its constituents.   A smoking history is often overlooked in antenatal care clinics and hence smoking cessation policies rarely discussed.  These evidences emphasize the importance of addressing smoking habits during one of the most significant phases of a woman's reproductive lifetime. Because most women in Lebanon attend antenatal care clinics, pregnancy can be considered as a golden opportunity to intercept women smokers and address smoking cessation for the welfare of both the mother and the fetus altogether. 

Monique Chaaya
Associate professor & Chair
Department of Epidemiology and Population Health
Faculty of Health sciences
American University of Beirut
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Below is a paper on:

Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of argileh (waterpipe or hubble-bubble) and cigarette smoking among pregnant women in Lebanon.
by: M. Chaaya, S. Jabbour, Z. El-Roueiheb, H. Chemaitelly