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شركات التبغ تخسر معركة إعلانات التدخين

11 - 08 - 2012
خسرت شركات التبغ والريجي جولة جديدة في معركة تطبيق قانون الحدّ من التدخين وتنظيم صنع منتجات التبغ وتغليفها والترويج لها. لكن ذلك لم يعطّل مسعاها المستمر لإفراغ القانون من مضمونه وتعطيل صدور المراسيم ... more

The changed face of the tobacco industry

28 - 03 - 2012
Dr Margaret ChanDirector-General of the World Health Organization Galvanizing global action towards a tobacco-free world Keynote address at the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or HealthSingapore  ... more

Bread Republic (100% Smoke Free)

25 - 10 - 2010
Bread Republic is an artisan bakery that transforms bread from simply a food accompaniment to a whole pleasure itself. Two of its branches are 100% Smoke Free, the Bread Rebpucli Cafe in Hamra and th ... more


22 - 06 - 2010
Below is a list of Lebanese Restaurants and Cafes that are 100% smoke free. If you are a 100% smoke free place and would like to be included on the list, please send us your request to the following ... more

World No Tobacco Day 2012: Tobacco Industry Interference

31 - 05 - 2012
This year’s World No Tobacco Day theme focuses on the interference of tobacco industry. This day also coincides with the launch of the national mass media campaign for the Ministry of Public Health o ... more

Launching of the Second Media Campaign

31 - 05 - 2010
Following the first wave awareness campaign on the dangers of SHS (Tobacco Smoke is Eating Your Loved Ones), the National Tobacco Control Program at the Ministry of Public Health, with the support of ... more

Tobacco advertisement and promotional bans in Lebanon, 2002.

30 - 09 - 2009

Tobacco advertisement adn promotional bans in Lebanon, 2002.

by: Faysal M. Itani


Smoking in Pregnancy

Smoking in pregnancy is a public health issue of significant magnitude in Lebanon.   A considerable number of pregnant women in Lebanon smoke during pregnancy, both cigarettes and waterpipe and have ... more

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