Below is a list of Lebanese Restaurants and Cafes that are 100% smoke free. If you are a 100% smoke free place and would like to be included on the list, please send us your request to the following email: info@tobaccocontrol.gov.lb  more

Bread Republic (100% Smoke Free)

Bread Republic is an artisan bakery that transforms bread from simply a food accompaniment to a whole pleasure itself. Two of its branches are 100% Smoke Free, the Bread Rebpucli Cafe in Hamra and the La Pizzeria next to the bread republic bakery in Achramore

BRGR co. (100% Smoke Free)

Gourmet chef, Hussein Hadid, has renounced the usual fanfare to create this back-to-basics, bohemian style burger-keep. You may be asking yourself, what's Lebanon’s premier chef doing serving stacks of onion rings and hunks of unadulterated Prime burgers?more

Brisk (100% Smoke Free)

At Brisk we believe in everything that rhymes with nature. This philosophy influences every part of the way we work, from the food we serve to the way we serve it, to the design of our store and the materials we use. Our food products, and recipes are meamore

Burger Nation - Hamra (100% smoke free)

Burger Nation only uses 100% grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free and GMO free beef for their meat patties promising a truly tasty and healthy burger. The indoors are 100% Smoke Free and the outdoor patio are for those who want to smoke.   Hamra Mmore

Cafe Younes Gourmet (100% Smoke Free)

Café Younes Gourmet is a modern style coffee shop / bakery that offer a free wireless internet service, books, daily newspapers and jazzy music along side a wide selection of freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, homemade salads and desserts as well as a crmore

Caribou Coffee (Ashrafieh)

  Caribou Coffee sports the ongoing and sustainable production of coffee. For every poind of coffee they buy, they allocate funds to support socially responsible initiatives in coffee-producing communicities. Their social responsibility also extends to pmore

Classic Burger Joint Monot-DT-Jal el Dib (100% Smoke Free)

Its 100% Smoke Free!! Flame-grilled with passion, Classic burger Joint serves burgers that cook up a gourmet storm. They only serve real burgers and their essential sides, fries, salads and drinks that enhance the burger experience. Their celebrated primmore

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cafe - Hamra

Since 1963 we’ve been passionate about serving our customers the best coffees and teas from around the world. Today, throughout our organization, and our hundreds of locations around the world, we remain committed to our original vision of quality and cusmore

Colombus Cafe-ABC (100% Smoke Free)

Columbus Café is a French Franchise which belongs to Azadea Group holding in Lebanon. There are two branches, the one in ABC Achrafieh is 100% Smoke Free. Columbus Café’s main objective is to serve good quality drinks and food, combined with outstanding smore

Cow and Apple

Cow & Apple is a butcher shop, bakery and restaurant. At the butcher shop, they only serve and sell well matured dry aged beef. Their bakery produces adn bakes a fabulous apple pie adn other desserts to put a smile on your lips. At the restaurant, themore

D Lite Cafe (100% Smoke Free)

Once upon a time in a land just like yours lived a young man who just wanted a place to hang out and have fun at. He thought really hard of what this place ought to be like and realized it must be a cafe that resmebled home. Most importantly, this place hmore

Dar Bistro & Books (Hamra)

A quaint little bistro in Hamra, Dar offers a variety of delicious sandwiches, green salads, tasty desserts, and fresh juices, along with a roster of other creative drinks. What separates them from the rest of the restaurateurs around here is their wide amore

Gloria Jeans Cafe - Hamra & Kaslik (100% Smoke Free)

In the month of January 2010, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, opened the doors of its 1st branch in Makdisi Street, Hamra, Lebanon.Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a global company with 415 outlets in Australia, and operating across 37 countries worldwide and master francmore

Kaiten Sushi Conveyor (100% Smoke Free)

  Sushi Conveyor (100% Smoke Free) Literally translated, Kaiten means a "conveyor belt of food". Essentially, what this eatery is based on is the concept of Japanese conveyor sushi bar offering a quality, fast and entertaining dining experienmore

Le 8eme

Le Huitieme could be described as a Zen-like tea boutique, an intimate clandestine spa, and a casual gourmet restaurant wrapped all in one. The first section fo Le Huitieme is The, a boutique tea lounge, offering an extensive variety of tea from mariage Fmore

Margherita Pizzeria - Gemmayzeh - Sin el Fil

Traditional and quality are their watchwords at Margherita pizzeria del quartiere dal 1959, they pride themselves on offering their customers the best and freshest ingredients the market has to offer, prepared wtih simplicity and elegance. The managementmore

Soto - Hamra (100% Smoke Free)

Soto Japanese restaurant is one of the pioneers of Japanese foods in Lebanon. Managed by the competent Lotus Management Group and opened in 2004, Soto Japanese now has a 100% Smoke Free branch in Hamra. Soto's menu is a shrine to everything sushi and sasmore

Starbucks (100% Smoke Free)

Starbucks is proud to offer its patrons a smoke free environment in which to enjoy our coffee, as we have done for decades in all our stores all over the world.  Since we started operations in Lebanon, we have offered our customers a smoke free environmenmore

Tawlet (100% smoke free)

Tawlet - a life choice of clean and green More of Lebanon's taste is at Tawlet - the latest development project of Souk el Tayeb. In the alternative and upcoming Mar Mikhael, Tawlet is an open kitchen, where every day of the week, a different producer/comore

Thea Tea Bar (100% Smoke Free)

Théa “les rituels de thés” a smoke free tea bar. Théa “rituels de thés” is a unique tea bar located on Jal el Dib highway, offering a wide selection of teas from around the world. You can enjoy a cup of tea from the continent you desire while benefiting more

Tomatomatic - Monot

A slice of New York with ultra modern toppings, TomatoMatic satisfies your pizza passion. Our crispy yet soft and never soggy crust combines with our exclusive tomato sauce to create a sensation of ultimate indulgence. With the best fresh ingredients, a smore

Universal Snacks - Bliss

 You have probably heard someone saying “My dad and his friends used to have lunch here!” Universal Snack is one of the oldest restaurants in Lebanon, located next to the American University of Beirut. It is a popular hangout for college students in the Hmore

Wok Box (100% Smoke Free)

With 75 store across Canada and the US, Wok Box franchise is now in Beirut! Our concept offers the freshest taste of Asia, a variation of dishes from 10 different countries, Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Japan, Korea and more. At Wok Box, more

Zaatar w Zeit (Ashrafieh)

Zaatar W Zeit is a hip Lebanese baked wrap concept. Launched in May of 1999, Zaatar W Zeit took their love for the mankousheh to a whole new level, opening their first branch in Sodeco, Beirut, to offer a new spin on this Lebanese favorite to mankousheh lmore


To our knowledge, Zabad is the first "Lebanese" restaurant that goes 100% Smoke Free. A bold step in the role of an excellent role model. Zabad is the result of 12 years of passionate work by the world renowned chef Karim Haidar on a new Lebanmore
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