Launching of the Second Media Campaign 


Following the first wave awareness campaign on the dangers of SHS (Tobacco Smoke is Eating Your Loved Ones), the National Tobacco Control Program at the Ministry of Public Health, with the support of Azm & Saada Association, launched its second wave media campaign which is a call for action. It builds on the knowledge gained from the first media campaign and asks the citizens to ask for a law that bans smoking in public places 100%.

The campaign was launched on the 31st of May 2010 which was also the World No Tobacco Day. The media was covered on all venues from TVs, billboards, radios, newspapers, websites, malls and Cinema theaters all over Lebanon.

This comprehensive campaign targets everyone from all age groups: the worker, the student, the child, the parent, the waiter, the bartender. It tells them that they have rights to a healthy environment. Though these rights are no where to be found, it is up to them to demand them. Having a strong law that bans smoking in public places is the first place start. Without a law, the implementation and the protection of everyone is compromised.