World No Tobacco Day 2012: Tobacco Industry Interference

This year’s World No Tobacco Day theme focuses on the interference of tobacco industry. This day also coincides with the launch of the national mass media campaign for the Ministry of Public Health on the enforcement of the tobacco control law which bans more

Launching of the Second Media Campaign

Following the first wave awareness campaign on the dangers of SHS (Tobacco Smoke is Eating Your Loved Ones), the National Tobacco Control Program at the Ministry of Public Health, with the support of Azm & Saada Association, launched its second wave mmore

Coalition for Effective Tobacco Control

The international Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), in collaboration with the Department of Tobacco Control – Ministry of Public Health Lebanon and in joint collaboration with the FCA, carried out a 3 day intensive training workshopmore

Smoke free policy workshop

The AUB Tobacco Control Research Group in AUB's Faculty of Public Health Department in collaboration with the National Tobacco Control-Ministry of Public Health organized a workshop to present the results of the evaluative study on the implementation of tmore

Press Conference: Launching of the 15-Day Smoke Free Campaign

Press ConferenceLaunching of 15-day smoke free campaignFollowing the mass media campaign and in support of the tobacco control proposed law, a national awareness campaign on second hand smoke was  launched on the 22nd of November 2009 to ban initially smomore

Workshop for Journalists on Tobacco Control

The National Tobacco Control Program at the Ministry of Health is hosting a workshop entitled “Journalists on Tobacco Control ” on the 28th of October to encourage the media to play a greater role in the coverage of tobacco control issues, including the umore

NGOs Workshop on Tobacco Control

The National Tobacco Control Program held a 2 day capacity building workshop on Tobacco Control Advocacy for the local NGOs and civil society. The workshop was in collaboration with AUB's Faculty of Health Sciences and took place on the 14th and 15th of Smore

Parliamentarian Workshop

A workshop for the Parliamentarians will be held once the government and parliamentary committees are formed. Hopefully this will take place very soon if political situation continues positively. The workshop aims to raise the awareness of the Parliamentamore
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