Bread Republic (100% Smoke Free) 


Bread Republic is an artisan bakery that transforms bread from simply a food accompaniment to a whole pleasure itself. Two of its branches are 100% Smoke Free, the Bread Rebpucli Cafe in Hamra and the La Pizzeria next to the bread republic bakery in Achrafieh. The management and staff in Bread Republic view this concept as a positive and healthy from all sides. Their customers visit them specifically for this factor and for their rich cuisine.

Our product

Our bread got its start by using the old-age formula of combining flour, water and natural yeast. These ingredients were the mother to our natural sourdough starter, which is the key element to bread republic. From this we cultivated our white, whole wheat and rye starters. These three starters are the foundation of virtually all the bread we make. Our artisanal process begins with the highest quality natural ingredients and starter and includes a long, slow leavening process allowing the bread to develop its true flavor, character, and texture. The bread is then gently shaped, masterfully hand-cut and then baked in a European hearth oven.