Previous legislation 


Lebanon's old legislation on tobacco control was limited to a law and a Ministerial decision (decree).

Ministerial decision number 1/213 issued on 2/3/93 and law number 394/95 issued on 12/1/1995 relate to second-hand smoke, prohibiting smoking in hospitals, infirmaries, pharmacies, theaters, public transport services, health clubs, and all schools, universities and in the elevators.  However, there was no implementation mechanism and most infringements went unchecked by the authorities.

Law number 394/95, which is an amendment of the decree number 101/83 issued on 16/9/1983, also stipulates the need for a label warning on all smoking packages including cigarettes and cigars, as well as warnings on smoking advertisement through the media. The warning should read as "The ministry of health warns you that tobacco use leads to dangerous and deadly diseases.”  The law also required that, in regards to televised advertisement, such a warning be present at all times during the advertisement time. Label area had to cover 15% of the cigarette pack or advertisement, and writing should be in a clear font, readable by the naked eye. Law number 394/95 also banned the distribution of free cigarettes or promotional material to all persons under the age of 18 years, whether at concerts, festivals or social gatherings, sports events, educational events or any other. However, as was often witnessed, this aspect of the law was often broken by tobacco industry, without any consequence. Misleading terms such as “light”, “ultra-light” and “mild” were still being used with no legal deterrent. There were no legal requirements for the testing of tobacco products by health officials, nor on reporting of cigarette constituents by tobacco manufacturers, as well as no specified limits for nicotine or tar content.

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