Smoke Free Public Places "Subject Closed" 


After the successful passage of the tobacco control law in parliament on the 17th of August 2011, the National Tobacco Control Program in the Ministry of Health has been giving a high priority on the implementation of the law’s articles.

A national mass media campaign has been organized to inform the public on the smoke free policy which bans smoking 100% in all public places. The media campaign will run on TVs, radios, magazines and newspapers in addition to online web advertisement and on social media.

The message focuses on listing all the venues that should become smoke free under law number 174 such as the airport, work places, health and educational facilities, malls etc… in addition to mentioning that all those who do not comply will be subject to penalization. The main slogan is: “Subject closed” a literal translation from the Arabic term “أفل عالموضوع” which implies that the law will be implemented without negotiation and no compromise will be given for smoking indoors.


Poster material for the media campaign can be downloaded from the below links and the TV spots can be viewed from the NTCP youtube channel

General Poster
General 2 poster
Hospitals Poster

Mall Poster 
Taxi Poster
University Poster
Office Poster
Airport Poster